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Robins Financial Credit Union Announces Elimination of Insufficient Funds Fee

WARNER ROBINS, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robins Financial Credit Union has announced plans to waive the NSF fee for all members. This change will be effective May 1, 2022. The elimination of the NSF fee is part of the credit union’s ongoing commitment to providing low-cost or no-fee services to its members. These changes complement the credit union‘s mission to be member-focused, financial partner-focused and community-proud.

In addition to eliminating the NSF fee, Robins Financial is also eliminating the $10 bounce protection fee if a trade takes the account negative under $50 and continues to offer a free bounce protection fee per account member if the transaction takes the negative account plus more than $50. This courtesy payment program is optional and members can opt-in or opt-out at any time.

By eliminating these fees, Robins Financial members will save an additional $5 million per year.

“Our hope is to see our members be more financially secure through this action and to promote financial equity among our members and help underserved communities,” said President and CEO Christina O’Brien. . “We are constantly working to provide the best possible value to our members.”

Since 1954, Robins Financial has been committed to providing the quality products and services its members need to succeed financially. As a non-profit financial cooperative, they are able to give income back to their members by offering low or no fees on all their accounts, as well as generally better rates on loans and deposit accounts.

The credit union will also continue to offer a free overdraft protection transfer service. Members with a checking account can sign up for overdraft protection by linking their checking account to a savings account or even a Visa® credit card. If sufficient funds are not available in the checking account when an eligible transaction is processed, then funds are transferred from the linked account at no cost to the member.

Robins Financial Credit Union is a local non-profit financial cooperative with twenty-two branches in Central Georgia. Robins Financial currently provides financial services to over 243,000 members, with assets exceeding $4 billion.