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“On Mission” with Tillery Durbin of 121 Financial Credit Union

Each week on “On Mission” we chat with community leaders who want to make a positive impact in the region. Today our host Wendy Norfleet speaks with Tillery Durbin from 121 Financial Credit Union.

121 Financial Credit Union is the hometown credit union of Jacksonville. They have been in the community for 86 years and serve the personal and business needs of Jacksonville and surrounding communities.

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What makes your business unique? : In the business services department, we focus on small businesses and start-ups. We specialize in loans under $ 100,000 and government loans like SBA 504 and PPP loans.

How do you define success ?: For me, success is not about the amount of loans or the output you make, but the quality of the service you provide. This is to make sure that you are providing qualified service and to your clients or members so that they in turn refer you to your friends and family.

Who in the industry inspires you and why? : Our CEO David Marovich has inspired me throughout my career at 121 FCU. He hired me with no experience and figured me out everything I know about business loans. He has a passion for helping people and loved to listen to their stories. He always wanted to help them make their dream come true.

What tip for success would you give to someone in your same industry? : I would suggest that other lenders listen to borrowers, listen to their needs and concerns, and let them know what your institution can do to help them.

What excites you the most in your industry? : Meeting new people and hearing their stories is what turned me on. I love to help people and help their dreams come true.

What is the biggest challenge you or your organization will face in the coming year? : In 2020, we were faced with covid 19, the closure of businesses, the loss of their jobs. As an institution, we have deferred payments on loans, pandemic consumer loans and the paycheck protection program to help our localization community.