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Nanologica: signs a line of credit with the main owner

Nanologica AB has signed a credit line of up to MSEK 50 with the main owner of the company, Flerie Invest AB. The objective is to cover the company’s temporary financial needs while waiting for the cash flows expected from the preparative chromatography activity, in order to meet the requirement of continuity of operation for the next twelve months.

This loan financing is a flexible way to meet the company’s short-term capital needs while waiting for expected cash flows from the preparative chromatography business. The credit line has been agreed on market terms and amounts to a maximum of MSEK 50 over 3 years at a cost of 1% and with an interest rate of 8% for loans taken out under the line credit. As part of the signing of the line of credit, a loan of 10 MSEK was contracted.

The signing of this agreement is subject to the subsequent approval of an Extraordinary General Meeting, the operation having to be considered as a significant operation with a related party. The company intends to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on February 7, to which notice will be sent no later than two weeks before.

The company continuously evaluates possible financing options to secure long-term financing. Depending on how fast growth accelerates in chromatography, but primarily what projects the company decides to pursue in inhalation, additional funding may be required.

Securing working capital through debt financing is seen as most favorable for the business at the stage we are in now – where we are approaching growth in preparative chromatography sales and cash flow – and given the company’s current market valuation. Over time, we see an advantage in increasing the share of institutional ownership in the company and so we continue to engage in dialogue with Swedish and international institutions and similar actors. Operationally, the company is now fully focused on achieving the goals we set for ourselves, as well as re-listing the company on the Nasdaq Main Market..commented Nanologica CEO Andreas Bhagwani.

The SEK 17 million loan from Flerie Invest AB which was contracted in autumn 2019 and spring 2020 and which expires in July 2022, has been extended until July 1st, 2023.

For more information, please contact:

Johanna Johansson, RI, Head of Communications and Marketing
Telephone: +46 72 211 21 90 or email: [email protected]

About Nanologica AB (publ)
Nanologica manufactures, develops and sells nanoporous silica particles for life science applications. Nanologica is the world leader in controlling the shape, size, porosity and surface properties of silica particles, creating opportunities to develop unique products. Through the two business areas, Drug Development and Chromatography, the company strives to increase the accessibility of innovative healthcare treatments and medicines for the benefit of patients worldwide. In the area of ​​drug development, Nanologica provides a unique drug delivery platform for the local delivery of drugs to the lungs with the goal of providing new treatment options for patients with lung diseases. In the field of chromatography, the company aims to make insulin accessible to more patients in need, by reducing the cost of manufacture. Nanologica is headquartered in Södertälje and the company’s share (NICA) is listed on Spotlight Stock Market. For more information, visit

The information contained in this press release is information that Nanologica AB is required to make public pursuant to the Market Abuse Regulation issued by the EU. The information was submitted for publication through the above contact person on January 19, 2022.

(This is a translation of the original press release published in Swedish.)

2022-01-19 Nanologica signs a line of credit with the main owner