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LA Financial Credit Union Launches Employee Knowledge Management Solution to Increase Investment in Member Engagement

TEWKSBURY, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Engaging Softwarethe leading provider of customer engagement solutions, the Pasadena, Calif.-based company announced today, LA Financial Credit Unionstrategically created new operational efficiencies and improved employee experience by deploying Engageware Employee knowledge management solution to its employee base. Following the launch of Engageware Customer self-service in April 2021, LA Financial implemented Employee Knowledge Management to provide employees with centralized access to consistent and reliable information to better serve members. This positions credit union employees for success while improving the employee and member experience.

Employee knowledge management helps drive the credit union’s broader strategic initiatives by centralizing content and making it easy to find and track critical information and documentation for staff. Implementing Engageware and proven best practices helped the credit union gain widespread adoption of the new knowledge management system among employees, which LA Financial has dubbed internally “The Hub.” Easy-to-locate employee knowledge management policies and procedures, more accurate and worded information, and an easy-to-navigate system have had a positive impact on member service. This solution enables and empowers employees to take a self-directed approach to locating and using essential day-to-day information to help members, redirecting frequently asked questions that previously slowed down operational efficiency and service.

This launch builds on last year’s investment in Engageware’s customer self-service solution that enables LA Financial Credit Union members to serve themselves by providing instant access to the information they need, reducing as well as incoming support requests and abandonment rates. Customer self-service leverages the instant intelligence of natural language, providing members with the right answer and recommended next steps. With a personalized knowledge base, smart FAQs, guided tutorials and more, members can get the information they need on demand. LA Financial has seen a reduction in call center volume as members can find the information they need through self-service in its digital channels.

“With Engageware, there has been a visible shift in employee productivity, and finding procedures and forms is a click away. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for members, and this tool helps members get the information they need quickly,” said Kim Oblak, CCE, vice president and retail director at LA Financial. “Engageware has been very communicative throughout the implementation process. Because our launch initial with Customer Self-Service was such a success and Engageware demonstrated its willingness to be flexible in accommodating a custom file transfer process, we didn’t hesitate to implement knowledge management employees. We look forward to our continued partnership and maximization of Engageware’s solutions.”

Sidra Berman, CMO of Engageware, said, “Many financial institutions are focusing their efforts on delivering more technology that enables customers to self-serve through digital channels to improve the customer experience. The reality is that 91% customer interactions ultimately involve some level of assisting employees to resolve their request or transaction. Using Engageware’s knowledge management technology, LA Financial Credit Union was able to effectively meet the information needs of member service staff while delivering significant and measurable net benefits to the credit union, including productivity gains, improved employee engagement and morale, less turnover, and ultimately, increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profit. »

About LA Financial Credit Union

LA Financial Credit Union was founded in 1937. Based in Pasadena, California, LA Financial serves the LA County community with a full range of financial products and services, including auto and personal loans, mortgages, and checking accounts and savings. LA Financial’s division of Havasu Community Credit Union serves the city of Lake Havasu, Arizona. LA Financial has 27,000 members and total assets of over $500 million. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in LA County or the City of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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