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Jovia Financial Credit Union Becomes First Local Credit Union to Eliminate Overdraft and NSF Fees

Addition of new CareFree Checking gives Jovia members a choice of chequing account programs

WESTBURY, NY – April 13, 2022 – (


A defining moment was announced as Jovia Financial Credit Unionone of Long Island’s largest and largest credit unions, today launched its new “Hassle-free verificationproduct that has absolutely no overdraft fees and no insufficient funds (NSF) fees. Jovia becomes the first credit union in Long Island, New York, to change its policy in favor of this member-friendly option.

Jovia will add Hassle-free verification to its line of banking and checking services designed to empower Nassau and Suffolk counties residents, employees, students and business owners with access to appropriate, affordable and timely financial products and services. Members can choose the control product that best suits their needs:

  • Hassle-free verification: No NSF and no overdraft fees with, no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance.
  • Go green by checking: Earn 1% on account balances up to $25,000 with no monthly management fees, no minimum balance, up to $20 off ATMs and the first check order is free.

Jovia also offers a program for those who are not eligible for CareFree Checking or Go Green Checking. With Green light verificationA component of Jovia’s inclusive Momentum Banking program, members in credit difficulty, who have been turned down by other financial institutions, can open a low-fee checking account with no minimum balance.

“We know there is no one-size-fits-all banking service. We are proud to offer membership and services to people with all financial needs. To that end, we are committed to becoming the most inclusive and financially equitable credit union by welcoming those who are underbanked and underserved with innovative products that deliver value,” commented Nina Smith. , Director of Operations, Jovia Financial Credit Union. “With three checking account programs, anyone looking to open a checking account with Jovia will find a solution that works for them,” she added.

With Hassle-free verification de Jovia, eligible members have the ability to manage their finances without the worries and hassles associated with overdrafts and NSF charges. Jovia’s Go Green Checking is a great account option with no minimum interest. And finally, with Green Light Checking, Jovia welcomes members with credit challenges. Those interested in opening an account should contact Member Services at (516) 561-0030 or visit their local Jovia branch register.

About Jovia Financial Credit Union

Jovia Financial Credit Union is one of Long Island’s largest and largest credit unions, providing affordable banking services to Long Islanders for over 80 years, delivering greater value through innovation. With $4 billion in assets and over 200,000 members. Eligible members must live, work, attend school, or regularly conduct business in Nassau and/or Suffolk counties. Existing Jovia members can also sponsor immediate family members or household members. For more information, visit www.jovia.orgcall 1-855-JOVIA4U.

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Jovia Financial Credit Union Becomes First Local Credit Union to Eliminate Overdraft and NSF Fees