Credit line

End Min: CAF approved US$500 million credit line for Peru | News | ANDINA

approved a US$500 million contingent line of credit for fiscal sustainability and environmental issues in Peru.

“It is based on what the public policy matrix is, to ensure fiscal sustainability and ensure the predictability of fiscal accounts,” he affirmed.

The Cabinet member pointed out that this credit line has a second component which is related to sustainable development, biodiversity, leverage of biobusiness, recovery plan for the illegal mining impacts, and a pilot plan to formulate the project to combat illegal mining.

“It has very good liquidity and solvency ratios, low delinquency ratios; besides, the plans under implementation were also shown, precisely those referring to the observations made by the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP,” he added.
In this sense, he pointed out that Banco de la Nacion will continue its management of public treasury in an efficient manner, which is its main duty.