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Dort Financial Credit Union raises funds | News for Fenton, Linden, Holly MI

Dort Financial Credit Union is proud to announce the results of its annual Snowman Sales 2021 fundraiser benefiting two local charities. The 2021 recipients, selected by Dort Financial Credit Union employees, shared proceeds totaling $21,193. Funds were raised during the months of November and December from credit union members and team members.

Dort Financial Credit Union presented representatives from Shelter of Flint and Voice for Children with checks for $10,956 to each organization.

The annual fundraiser continues to be a success for community charities thanks to Dort Financial Credit Union members who graciously donated certain amounts during the six-week campaign window. Donations in the amount of $1 to $50 are collected in exchange for a paper snowman which is displayed in every Dort Financial branch. Members who donate have the option to write their name, a message, or can leave the snowman blank when purchasing a paper snowman at a branch, or they can also purchase one through any which VTM. The credit union also raises funds by collecting donations from Dort Financial team members by hosting special days, where all money raised goes directly to snowman sales.

Dort Financial Credit Union has contributed to the annual snowman sales campaign through donations for over 20 years. The credit union is delighted with the amount of the 2021 campaign raised and is grateful to have such a community of donors within the members of the credit union.