Credit line

Crédit Agricole’s non-revolving line of credit is among the top 3 best loans for business development…

Crédit Agricole’s non-revolving line of credit ranked third in the “Best Business Development Loans” category based on Prostobank Consulting’s rating for 2021. This product offers clients the opportunity to not only implement new projects, but also to expand existing commercial capacities. move to a new level of business development. The cost of credit varies from 5.5 to 13.5% of annual interest depending on the currency of the credit.

With the help of the line of credit, we assist our clients in business development, namely updating fixed assets, real estate repairs or meeting other investment needs. This product is in demand among companies as well as small and medium enterprises. In 2021, the amount of customer financing by credit lines increased by 140%. Thus, we contribute to the development of enterprises and support the economy of Ukraine at the time of the pandemic”, says Dmytro Kovalenko, Marketing and Product Director at Credit Agricole Bank.

Since 2017, Prostobank Consulting has been conducting an independent quarterly analysis of the quality of services and products offered by banks in Ukraine and compiling the ranking of “Best Banking Products”, publishing it on their website. Their rating is based on the details of banking products available on the official websites of the rating participants. You can read more about the results of the assessments here

On Agricultural credit:

Crédit Agricole Bank is the oldest foreign bank in Ukraine; it has been present in the market since 1993 and offers the full range of banking services, is a strategic partner in agribusiness and one of the leaders in the car credit market. The bank is internationally owned Crédit Agricole Group (France)European leader in bancassurance and asset management and major partner of the French economy.

Crédit Agricole is in the TOP-5 of the most reliable and comfortable banks in Ukraine and is recognized as the best corporate bank and the best savings bank according to the “Finance club” in 2021. More than 296 000 active individual and micro-enterprise customers, and more than 9,700 companies and small and medium-sized enterprises confirm the bank’s reliability and excellent commercial reputation. According to the NBU, Crédit Agricole is one of the TOP 10 banks in terms of assets.

For more than ten years, Crédit Agricole has been a strategic partner for agribusiness. The share of the agricultural sector in the bank’s business portfolio exceeds 50%, and the land reserve of all customers is almost 10% of the total land reserve of Ukraine.

Crédit Agricole is the first automotive bank and the only Ukrainian bank that holds the international ISO 9001 car loan certificatewhich guarantees transparent conditions and a high quality of service to customers.

Crédit Agricole is 100% digital and 100% human. The bank is developing remote service channels, such as the mobile application СА+, while modernize its branch network.

The bank also promotes the culture of a fair and transparent company, makes a significant contribution to society and to the preservation of the environment. Since 2016, the bank has been carrying out an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program “We do not care !”which covers 4 large areas such as: charitable action, eco-initiatives, volunteering and mutual assistance of employees. Crédit Agricole is one of the TOP-6 leaders in sustainable development and the TOP-50 best employers in Ukraine according to Forbes.


Viktoriia Torianyk, head of the brand and communication department of Credit Agricole Bank.

E-mail: [email protected]