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Cath Kidston SellersFinancing of £ 5million line of credit

When we talk about financing services for market businesses, too often we assume that they only serve businesses looking for a relatively small line of credit. You are looking for £ 5,000, £ 10,000, £ 50,000 or even £ 100,000 and modern fintech companies are here to help. It is a mistake to think that these are strictly SME solutions, however, Cath Kidston recently set up a three-year £ 5million line of credit with SellersFunding.

Cath Kidston went in search of funding as she transitioned from a store model to a first digital model during the Covid pandemic. Capitalize advised them on a suitable source of financing for their line of credit and SellersFunding came out on top as a lender who understood Cath Kidston’s business needs.

“We are delighted to have had the confidence to work with such a recognizable brand as Cath Kidston as they transitioned from bricks and mortar to a brand-led digital first model.

We are committed to working with these companies as true partners and bringing not only our technology and lending expertise, but also our experience and consultative approach to these relationships as companies enter the age of business. e-commerce gold.
– Leonardo Felisberto, UK Commercial Director, SellersFunding

In the past, it was almost impossible to access a line of credit without going through a traditional commercial bank, and it was usually a long, painful process. In recent years, with the birth of e-commerce and businesses that look nothing like a traditional retail operation, banks have been slow to grasp the speed at which an online business needs to access finance. to capitalize on an immediate opportunity and didn’t seem to understand the finances of online retailers. This opened the door for specialists such as SellersFunding to step in.

We know of many companies that have benefited from small business finance in recent years, but Cath Kidston shows that these finance companies have now not only gone mainstream, but have also expanded their operations to the level that they can serve established brands. seeking significant levels of short-term capital to finance their growth.

Leonardo Felisberto was a speaker at Tamebay Live in May and if you want to learn more about funding your global business you can watch his on-demand masterclass for free on the Tamebay Live website.

In this masterclass, you will learn to identify when financing makes sense for your business and the different solutions available to you.