Credit risk

Based on a one-year investment, this credit risk fund delivered absolute returns of 142.77%, outperforming the benchmark

BOI AXA Credit Risk – Direct Plan-Growth

This is a 7-year Credit Risk FCP launched on February 27, 2005 by the FCP BOI AXA. It is a small credit risk fund. The Assets Under Management (AUM) size of the fund is Rs 167.96 Crore, while the Net Asset Value (NAV) reported on 02 June 2022 is Rs 10.4072. The fund has an expense ratio of 1.28%, which is higher than the average expense ratio for its category of 0.72%.

It is a moderately high risk investment fund. However, it is rated 1 star by CRISIL. It is an open-ended debt program investing primarily in corporate bonds rated AA and below (excluding corporate bonds rated AA+). Moderate interest rate risk and relatively high credit risk. Loans.

Investing in this fund required a minimum investment amount of Rs 5,000. Whereas a minimum of Rs 5,000 is required for additional investment. It has no blocking period. However, it charges the exit load within 3 investment periods. These are: 1) 4% for a redemption within 365 days, 2) 3% for a redemption between 366 and 730 days, and 3) 2% for a redemption between 731 and 1095 days.

Absolute and annualized returns

Absolute and annualized returns

Flat-rate returns on investment

It gave negative absolute returns on 3- and 5-year investments. However, it outperformed on the 1-year investment. Since launch, it has generated average annual returns of 0.51%.

Mandate Absolute returns Annualized returns
1 year 142.77% 142.77%
2 years 179.32% 67.13%
3 years -16.56% -5.84%
5 years -16.78% -3.61%
Since the creation 4.07% 0.55%

SIP Returns

Mandate Absolute returns Annualized returns
1 year 113.18% 259.07%
2 years 137.63% 110.76%
3 years 108.52% 54.07%
5 years 56.73% 18.02%


The fund is 94.68% invested in debt securities, of which 54% is in low-risk securities. The fund’s main holdings are in Sheba Properties Ltd., Vedanta Ltd., Piramal Housing Finance Ltd., Godrej Industries Ltd. and Manappuram Finance Ltd.